Astrology is the science of light. Aura, the human shield of light, connects your inner world to the cosmic world to reveal an individual’s fullest potential. Anything is only as good as the use it is put to; the same applies perfectly to astrology also. Astrology helps a person manifest his fullest potential but does not predict the actual occurrences; it is only a guiding light and beacon that sheds light even in the darkest hours the rest is “Free Human Will”.

The Human Chakra
Kundalini Awakening
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The reports explain the various components of our kundli in an effective manner. The overall experience is satisfying. We are extremely pleased with the "Astrobliss" experience.
Sarang V. Deshmukh
The Wellness reports were like some unknown was rewriting my past , lots about me is very true.
Astrobliss predictions are quite accurate .
Sohan Borse
I feels that certain doubts from mind have been moved out. Also, after some experience, it will be better to express feedback.
Narayan Atmaram Dhore
I had been to many astrologers but what they said never matched. At first, on looking at my partika from I was flabergasted as they had me born in a different rashi altogether , I checked all my credentials and all was same. When I refereedto the past wellness report i found i could relate to it a lot. The final was when i met my astrologer and showed him this new kundali, even his predictions started making sense much more than they ever did earlier. thanks ""
Kamalaker Jhadhav
Pandit Joshiji gave good advice and it helps us solve problems. Good consultation.
Kavita A
I felt that information given by the reports was accurate. I liked the guidance he gave me.
Lalit Laxman Zope
Astrology in a very differnet light. Loved the approach to astrology.I hope it will certainly bring change in our life.
Sushama .M. Narkhede
Very nice and proper guidance
Amol A Khole
Good guidance. I will surely think on advice given.
Sarjerao Ganpat Kshirsagar
The reports not only confirm very important things from the past but also it gave me courage to handle future adversities.
Mughada .S. Prabhu
Advised very nicely but time limit is a problem , reports for longer periods shouldbe made available as choice when ordering them.
Balasaheb Chavan
money well invested :)
Rajesh ji
I felt good and problems of my mid moved out.
Suvarna R Gaikwad
Information provided was satisfactory and good service.
Parag Mahajan
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